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Online Bingo Now

Online bingo is a new addition to the bingo family. There used to be a time when bingo is called beano in the US. Although, the game is from Italy during 1530, it became a rich men’s game in France in the 1770s. It was already 1929 when a toymaker from New York (Edwin S. Lowe) renamed it ‘bingo’. Then, they created more than 6,000 number combinations for each cards. It quickly gained popularity when a priest asked Lowe to use it as fund-raising campaign. By 1934, there are more than 10,000 bingo games played, and that is in North America alone.

Bingo now has a new face, online games has included the game in its growing list. It is now incorporated in almost all online casinos. Just like all other online gaming, there are soft wares that should be downloaded before one can play the game. So you would need to have a computer that has good memory (soft wares usually takes much space), a dependable Internet connection and some way of paying for the bingo cards (and receiving your winnings, of course!). Most sites accept major credit cards and bank transfers; others also have online payment methods.

Online bingo has a very friendly atmosphere, usually associated with friendly bingo players. This is perhaps where the chat feature of the online casinos comes in handy. The players can actually chat with other players while playing. Some online casinos have ‘auto dab’, wherein the numbers called are automatically marked in their cards. This allows players to chat while playing. This is just like the typical bingo game with a lot of whispers and chatting. There are also chat hosts that ensure no violation of etiquette, they also serve as moderators.

When playing online bingo, the usual patterns (usually called rules) apply. There is cover all, regular pattern (vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines), four corners of the card (letter B slot 1, B5, O1 and O5), diamond (both types, the complete and incomplete) and cross (all numbers in N and the third row of each letter).

Playing bingo is no longer confined to clubs, to church’s fund raising or to events. Any one who wants to join can play online bingo. This can be great way to spend time and meet new friends online. Friends are no longer from around the neighborhood but players from around the world can now be your bingo buddies.